Monthly Archives: September 2019

New Executive Committee of QAS

  • Qatar Assam Society (QAS) New Executive Committee formed on 20th Sep.2019, Friday evening in the General Meeting of the QAS held at the Kolkata Hall of Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), DOHA, Qatar. The Executive Committee of the Session 2018-19 handed all responsibility of the QAS on the day to the newly formed QAS Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee Members are below :

1. President : Sri Debojit Sarmah

2. Vice-President : Sri Tanujit Medhi

3. Gen. Secy : Sri Debanand Narah

4. Treasurer/Finance Secy : Sri Sarat Saikia

5. Cultural and Literary affairs Secretaries : Mrs. Priyanka Mahanta, Mrs. Pallavi Deka & Mrs. Suparna Purakayastha.

Good luck. We are committed to work together for the Best possible.