Mom, New Committee Handover 2018

Ref: ASSAM SOCIETY / MOM / 2018_01


Date: 08th June, 2018, Time: 08-10pm to 09-30pm

Venue: Chennai Hall, Indian Cultural Centre, Doha, Qatar

Subject: Hand over of Charge to the New Managing Committee of Qatar Assam Society

A General Meeting of Qatar Assam Society was held on the 8th June, 2018 in Chennai Hall, Indian Cultural Centre, Doha, to formally handover the charge by the previous Managing Committee under Presidentship of Mr. Kaustav Saikia to the newly formed Managing Committee and to discuss miscellaneous subjects to run the function of the society smoothly in presence of the members as attached list.

The summary of the points discussed in the meeting are as follows:

1) The New Managing Committee has taken the responsibility for functioning of the activities of the Qatar Assam Society for the Session 2018-19. Office Stamp has been handed over to the newly formed Executive Committee. The soft copy of the Letter Head was sent later to the General Secretary.

2) Carried forward balance from last year’s account/balance sheet is QAR. 10,022/-

3) ICC Membership has been renewed. QAR.3000/- has been paid at ICC Office.

4) All agreed to have a Quarterly meeting together to discuss past and upcoming issues of the Society.

5) A meeting for Rongali Bihu celebration shall be organized separately well in advance of time.

6) All members to pay the Society membership yearly fees of QAR.100/- per member as mandatory for smooth functionality of the regular activities of the society. Note – As decided earlier Husband and Wife of a family are considered to be 2 individual members.

7) The new Society will try to arrange four events in their tenure – EID, Diwali, Picnic, Rongali Bihu, and to represent in the ICC events as possible.

8) The vacant positions of The Vice-President and The Treasurer have been filled as follows :

* Vice-President: Mr. Jagannath Mahanta, Proposed by Mr. Kaustav Saikia, Supported by all attendees.

* Treasurer: Mr. Sarat Saikia, Proposed by Mr. Rajat Gogoi & Dr. B. Saikia, Supported by all attendees.

9) The QAS Website shall be revived and reviewed to make it properly functional. Mr. Narayan Dev Sarma has been given the responsibility for this.

10) A newly appointed Media Team has been formed for the first time with below mentioned members.

* Media Secretary – Mr. Narayan Dev Sarma

* Team Members – Mr. Anil Sonowal, Mr. Sikander Bansal and Mr. Abhishek.

The media team shall be responsible for website maintenance, social media communication and other digital media activities of the Society. From now onward all the records, activity updates of the society maintained and stored digitally by the media team. The team will try to archive previous documents, photos and videos in the website.

11) The QAS Souvenir “NEDEKHA XUTARE BANDHA” (নেদেখা সূতাৰে বন্ধা) shall be started again, but in digital form. Media Secy. will lead the task with supports from Media Support Team and all members.

The next meeting of Qatar Assam Society will be held on 20 of July, 2018. The agenda for the meeting will be celebration of EID-Al-Adha and future activity plan of the society. However the details agenda for meeting shall be informed to the members through QAS website/mail/WhatsApp group.

The New Managing Committee of Qatar Assam Society:

* President: – Mr. Rajat Gogoi

* Vice President:- Mr. Jagannath Mahanta

* General Secretary: – Mr. Devananda Narah

Mr. Suvra Borah

* Treasurer :- Mr. Sarat Saikia

* Cultural Secretary: – Ms. Priyanka Mahanta,

Ms. Pallavi Deka

Mr. Raju Upreti

* Media Secretary:- Mr. Narayan Dev Sarma

* Executive Members: – Mr. Nawab Yunush

Mr. Anil Sonowal

Ms. Daisy Doley

Mr. Manuj Borua

Mr. Sikandar Bansal

Mr. Pranab Nirula

Mr. Manash Kaushik

* Advisors: – Dr. Bhupendranath Saikia

Mr. Palash Das

Dr. P.N. Goswami

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